Footlogix Mini Deluxe Pedicure & Polish (file, cuticle, soak, scrub, callus removal, treatment mousse, mini & massage) £25


Footlogix Luxury Pedicure & Gel Polish (file, cuticle, soak, scrub, callus removal, treatment mousse & massage) £35

No more hiding your feet - you will see results on your first treatment and you will want to show them off!!



We treat your feet with Footlogix using a 6 step luxury pampering foot treatment to remove hard skin and callus. First your feet will be soaked in a pedicure bath with a PH balanced foot soak concentrate which will re-hydrate and soften calluses. Then we exfoliate with a seaweed extract exfoliating scrub.  This unique formula is optimally blended with essential oils to leave your skin silky smooth. A callus softer will then be sprayed over hard skin which will soften the skin instantly! We will then remove the unwanted hard skin with a stainless steel foot file which is light weight and will not shred the skin. A cream mouse will be applied which will hydrate and revitalize your feet. The treatment will be finished with a leg and foot massage with a rejuvenating cream, which will deodorize and relax the feet.*


*note: this is the process for the mini and luxury pedicure only.